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Accelerate success through a positive culture

by Shiv Khera 

Any behavior that is practiced en-mass in an organization is called a culture.

Every company, family, country has a culture or lack of it. Even lack of it is a culture. You go to a shop, you find the salesperson polite, supervisor polite, manager polite, owner polite. There is a culture running. You go to another shop, you find the salesperson rude, supervisor rude, manager rude and the owner rude. There is a culture running also.

Culture always goes Top down and never Bottom up. How can a supervisor enforce a “No Smoking Policy”, when he himself is smoking in a no smoking area?

We find that most organizations don’t have business problems, they have people problems. And when we take care of our people problems, most of our business problems are automatically resolved.

We find that every company has something called a CRITICAL MASS. Critical Mass means that they are either decision makers or influencers in some form or the other. Generally that happens to be approximately the top 20% of the organization. Any behavior adopted by the top 20% sets the tone for the organization. Behavior patterns of the critical mass generally are accepted or adopted by the balance 80%.

If we want to bring about a positive culture in an organization, we need to have the top 20% adopt and internalize the desired positive behaviors & values.

To see positive and sustained results, the entire Leadership Team must be TOTALLY INVOLVED and committed to their values.

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Accelerate success through a positive culture


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IPA National Executive Members really felt motivated and inspired. We will certainly take your learnings further to gain new heights

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Program was very well received by our team. Mr. Shiv Khera gave the message at a very root level in terms of importance of values and integrity.

Sanjay Ranawade, CMO, Tanishq

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