Winner Series - Video DVDs (English)

Rs 5,000

A set of 6 video DVDs.

The Winner Series helps you unlock your true potential, so that you live like a winner.
(Approx. 3 hours of live presentation, around 30 mins. each)

Title Benefits
Attitude The Key to Success Develop a "Can Do" attitude.
Winning Strategies Winners have will power, losers have won't power.
Winner's Edge Do the right thing for the right reason.
Attitude determines Altitude Respond to life more enthusiastically, both at work and home.
Ethics & Values Learn the difference between old and obsolete values.
Discipline Your Way to Freedom If we discipline ourselves, others won't have to.


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Mr. Shiv Khera inspires and encourages people, making them realize their true potential.

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The seminar was too good and help for young people like us. Future I would love to attend more of your seminars.

The seminar was too good

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