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Gain & Retain Customers

Grow by Mastering Selling Skills

First sell yourself on the idea of succeeding, the rest is easy


  • Establish rapport and make powerful presentations
  • Gain confidence and build customer loyalty
  • Distinguish between transactional and relationship selling
  • Learn to become a good negotiator and handle objections effectively
  • Learn the power of persuasion and outsell your competition
  • Learn three powerful reasons that make you different
  • Learn the DOs and DON'Ts of professional selling


  • Increase sales by identifying buying motives and selling opportunities
  • Meet and exceed customers' expectations

The essence of selling is to gain and retain customers.

An organization can only grow by gaining new customers. In order to sustain growth, one needs to retain customers. In order to retain customers, one needs to be customer-focused as customer satisfaction leads to customer delight and customer delight leads to customer loyalty. Customer satisfaction will only work if it is driven by organizational commitment, not just by creating a department.

In other words, convert a suspect into a prospect, prospect into a customer, customer into a client and become a supplier instead of a seller.

People keep talking about the sales as B2B or B2C. But every sales boils down to P2P- People to People.

What is the Essence of Selling?

Anyone could be a suspect, but a prospect is one who meets the following three criteria:

  • Has a need for your product
  • Has the money to purchase
  • Has the ability to take a decision.

Many times people keep making presentations to those who do not meet the above criteria.

A one-time buyer is a customer, whereas an ongoing buyer is a client.

Marketing only identifies and strategizes sources of revenue but generate no revenue. Only sales generate revenue.

Definition: Anyone who sells a product, services or an idea is a sales person. Based on this definition, who is not selling? eg.,

  • A Candidate at a job interview
  • A boy girl proposing to get married
  • The Lawyer arguing in front of the Judge
  • A politician giving speeches to get votes

We are all selling and we are always selling either for or against ourselves. Selling is never neutral. Success in life depends on our ability to sell.

  • Examine
  • Diagnose
  • Prescribe

Good professionals use the above consultative approach.

In Sales, good professionals learn the principles of selling not tactics because principles are based on foundation of integrity whereas tactics are manipulative. That is the difference between transactional versus relationship selling. One is short term whereas the other is long term.

There is a myth that to succeed, one needs to learn the tricks of the trade. Professionals learn the trade, they leave the tricks to the cheats and crooks.

That is the difference between transactional versus relationship selling. One is short term whereas the other is long term.

  • People buy things from people they like.
  • People buy what they want and not what they need.
  • People buy value for money, not price.




  • Those who want to grow professionally by making selling as their career or veterans who want to sharpen their Selling Skills.


This program is very effective with real life examples, discussions, exercises and simulations. It will help you develop an action plan.


"I applied the principles that I learnt at your sales training program, resulting in sky rocketing my sales by 110% within a period of 12 months "

Hemal Patel, Director, Tripcon Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

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Principles of selling are common to all industries. You will have the opportunity to customize the sales training to your Product/Industry.


Upon completion, participants shall be able to overcome resistance, build trust and close more sales.


2 Day Program Gain & Retain Customers
Rs.34,500 + GST = Rs.40,710*
Rs.39,500 + GST = Rs.46,610
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Corporate Advantage

  • Enroll 5 participants and get 6th complimentary
  • Enroll 10 paid participants and get 3 complimentary
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Program was very well received by our team. Mr. Shiv Khera gave the message at a very root level in terms of importance of values and integrity.

Sanjay Ranawade, CMO, Tanishq

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