Star performers never say the following: “I thought everyone knew about it” – This is the typical response of non-performers to ensure that no one is accountable. “I thought someone else going to do it” – This is a great justification for inaction. The remedy is, a responsible person should ask questions to keep things moving on track. “No one ever asked me to do it” or “no one ever told me about it” – People who talk like this, are operating with blinders or with a tunnel vision totally oblivious of what’s going on around them. “They were supposed to get back to me” or “they did not get back to me” or “they are going to get back to me soon” – All these responses are a total demonstration of lack of responsibility. Why? Because expecting someone else to get back puts you at their mercy and stops the actions from your side. This is what people do when they do not want to take initiative and want to be in charge. “I just had no time” or “I have been busy up to my neck” – When people keep talking such things too many times, it is time to evaluate if they are worth retaining as their intent is in question. “I did not think of that” or “I did not think that it was important to ask those questions” – Such phrases show the inability or unwillingness to see beyond and to grasp what is coming. The only job security today and ought to be is ‘performance‘. Everybody hits roadblocks and removing roadblocks is what the person is paid for.