“The Best of its Kind.”
Andre Keller
Chief Executive, Zuellig Pharma Pte. Ltd., Singapore
“One of the best motivational seminars I have ever attended”
Lim Wei Ling
Zuellig Pharma Pte. Ltd., Singapore
“I only wish I had attended your program 10 years back.”
Francis Alphonso
Head HRD, ING Barings
“100% return on my investment is an understatement.”
Linda Baker
“Shiv has touched my mind and opened my heart to give back to society the values that have made me succeed as a doctor and CEO of Gleneagles Hospital.”
Dr. Timothy Low
CEO, Gleneagles Hospital, Singapore
“Very self-enriching program.”
George Seah
Officer, Singapore Armed Forces
“I will recommend this seminar to all educationists in Singapore – It will be worth the while.”
Jagjeet Singh Khaira
Temasek Primary School
“Very simple, every day, down to earth things that will keep me in good standing for the rest of my life.”
Naomi Roberts
Le Meridien, The Bahamas
“My effectiveness has improved in both my personal and business life.”
Dr. Dominick J. Ligresti
MD Dermatology, New Jersey, USA
“The best part for me was the examples and “how to’s” provided by Shiv Khera to enable one to make a change that we all desire either in our organization or ourselves or both, but it difficult to implement and sustain.”
Stephen L. Tierney
Group Managing, Director, Xerox Business India
“The last 3 days were worth a lifetime of knowledge.”
Catherine Lim
Director, Lucent Technologies Pte. Ltd., Singapore
“Having been exposed to a number of training programs all over the world, I feel your program was one of the best.”
Michael Stier
Director, Lufthansa German Airlines, Southeast Asia
“The best investment ever made… 3 days of knowledge will take me for another 30 years.”
Sanjeev Kumar
Consulting Director, Hewlett Packard, Singapore Sales Pte. Ltd.
“….where was this program 10 years ago? I wish I had an opportunity to do it then…..”
John Duckworthy
Financial Controller, Revlon SDN, BHD, Malaysia
“Everyone will benefit positively from this as we learn how to tap our self-resources to becoming a better person overall.”
Cheryl Ifode
US Embassy
“These 3 days are the best investment I have made in my life. Thank you very much for this treasure.”
Jagdish Kini
Managing Director, Wilkinson Sword India Ltd
“The program was brilliant.”
Rohan Fernandez
Vice President, Credit Suisse, Singapore
“The program enabled me to build a structure to follow, know key aspects of great public speaking to practice & to observe. It will be invaluable to me in my work.”
Managing Director, J. P. Morgan
“I wish to thank you for the positive difference your programs have made in my career. I have never had this kind of experience in any other program I ever attended in my life.”
Rajesh Chopra
Head of Finance, WSP Consultants
“The best investment ever made… 3 days knowledge will take me for another 30 years.”
Sanjeev Kumar
Consulting Director, Hewlett Packard, Singapore Sales Pte. Ltd.
“In 2003, I was married and have a 3 years old girl, I was going through very bad marriage, I was very ambitious but my husband wasn't allowing me to work. And there was lots of mental torture at home.
Then one day I decided to finish my life. I catch the bus from Mohali to Chandigarh with a thought that I will jump into Sukhna lake for suicide. My bus stopped at Chandigarh bus stand, and I was waiting for another bus to go to Sukhna lake . While waiting for the bus my sight went on book stall, where I saw your book YOU CAN WIN. That time attracted me so much that I picked up that book and started reading first few pages. Something magical happened and I paid money for the book and came back home and cancelled to go for suicide.
I was reading that book while sitting in bus. It was evening when I came back. No one was at home. I finished that book the same night. And read and read again for few day.
After that I managed to get divorce all by myself, came to Australia with my daughter in 2004 on student visa. Started my business just in one year after coming to this country. In 2009 I got my citizenship.
Now I am successful business women and I gave all your teachings to my daughter, she is graduated in law and working with big company.”
Nikki Kaur
Melbourne Australia
“At the age of 41, I was released from a very long prison sentence and when I was at the gates of Changi Prison all that I had was with a prison conviction, a secondary education, bankrupt & with all the broken relationship’s that I had damaged by the wrong choices that I have made in my life. What could I achieve in all this as many would say-NOTHING.
I must confess that during the “dark” period of my life in Prison I came across your books which begin to shape my thought process, my attitude & my next course of life. I have much to share but today I run a company that has almost 200 staff of which 80% of my staff consist of prisoners, handicap, single mums, senior citizens yet we serve some of the Blue Chip companies in Singapore, this with a high standard of quality & a outcome.
One of the most precious quote that I value from your may talks & books is this “Only good people are assets, the rest are all liabilities.” With this I have seen and applied. I am sure that the prisoners will benefit greatly from your motivational talk.”
Anil David
Founder/Director Of Business Development Agape Connecting People Pte Ltd