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Preparing Graduates To Succeed In The Business/Corporate World.

We Aim To Create Leaders Who Can Manage, Not Managers Who Cannot Lead™.

Shiv Khera College Message

Our Children Need Values More Than Valuables. When We Do Corporate Training We Tell Our Clients, What We Are Doing Here Is Repair Work. If You Prepare Them You Won’t Have To Repair Them. Where Do You Prepare Them? In Schools And Colleges!

– Mr. Shiv Khera

One Needs More Than Professional Qualifications To Be A Professional


The 6 C Approach

An impactful program designed to achieve success for individuals seeking insights into leadership and management.

This Program Will Prepare You To Succeed In The Business / Corporate World.

Character – Make integrity a way of life.

Competence – Acquire core competencies as a tool for success.

Clarity – Define your goals with clarity.

Confidence – Develop humility with pride in performance.

Courage – Ability to take a stand with integrity against all odds.

Communication – Communicate with clarity and confidence.

Our vision is to create leaders who can manage professionally based on values & ethics. This program helps develop a CAN-DO attitude and inculcates 3 CORE VALUES:

Integrity | Respect | Responsibility


Lectures, Group Activities & Presentations, Role Plays, and Audio-Visual Presentations.
Location – Your Premises
Course Award (Certificate Program In Leadership) – Upon successful completion of this program, every participant shall receive a Certificate of Achievement.

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