Master the Art of Public Speaking: 15 Expert Tips for Engaging Your Audience

Master the Art of Public Speaking: 15 Expert Tips for Engaging Your Audience

Pounding heart, Trembling hands, Adrenaline rush- all these strike us hard when we have to appear in public for a speech.

Public speaking is an important skill that is highly valued in many professions, from politics to business. One great example of a successful public speaker in India is former President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. Dr. Kalam was known for his powerful speeches that inspired millions of people across the country. However, he didn’t start out as a natural public speaker. In fact, he was initially very nervous and struggled with public speaking. But through practice and dedication, he was able to overcome his fears and become one of the most respected public speakers in India. Improving public speaking skills can be challenging, but it’s definitely worth the effort.

The Public Speaking Maestro – Shiv Khera

Mr Shiv Khera is a public motivational speaker, who has inspired many through his valuable words. He has a dynamic personality, which has inspired many speakers countrywide. Mr. Shiv Khera has hosted many dynamic workshops worldwide to improve the communication skills of many. 

At some point in our career or life, we have to face an audience, be it for presenting a project, pitching a new idea, or talk about something at any big event, which might motivate others and inspire them. Public Speaking is a type of communication skill that needs attention nowadays. 

To overcome your nerves, and deliver a captivating speech, Mr Shiv Khera has deducted a few important tips for improvising your Public Speaking. 

15 Essentials tips for improving public speaking in 2023

  • 1. Firstly, it is very important to know our audience and tailor our speech according to their interests and needs. For e.g. While speaking in front of seniors in office, presenting a topic, we must make the our communication skills are pretty strong and we have adequate knowledge on that topic to speak confidently.
  • 2. An intriguing opening to capture the attention of the audience. We can kickoff a speech with a strong quote or a question or a statement which will enforce the audience to stay engrossed.
  • 3. Mr Shiv Khera recommends to use proper gestures and facial expressions to emphasize important points and engage your audience.
  • 4. Practice is the tool to make your public speaking perfect.
  • 5. Maintaining a clear and slow pace while talking makes it easier for the audience to follow. Moreover, our words must be enunciated clearly.
  • 6. We must try to use interesting stories to make our speech more engaging and memorable.
  • Humor can help break the ice and make your speech more enjoyable for the audience.
  • The best way of communicating during public speaking is to be yourself and speak from the heart.
  • Work on your tone, pitch, and volume. Practice speaking slowly and clearly, and use pauses to give your audience time to absorb your message.
  • Use pauses to emphasize important points and give your audience time to absorb what you’re saying.
  • Repeating key points will help the audience remember them.
  • Practice active listening. We must pay attention to our audience’s reactions and adjust our speech accordingly.
  • We must anticipate questions our audience may have and must be prepared to answer them.
  • Ending the speech with a memorable closing with create a lasting impression.
  • It is very important to receive feedback from the audience to improve our public speaking skills.

Public Speaking is that form of communication skill that helps you get connected with your audience, and which may further influence or motivate them to take positive actions or decisions in life. The influence here is very strong. Mr Shiv Khera believes that public speaking can help you speak out your heart and can drive your audience’s passion and courage to a different level. What we say is important, but Mr. Shiv Khera believes is how we say is even more important, as this will engross our audience towards us and this form of communication skill can help develop tto get the subject into the heart of your audience.

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