Thin line separates confidence from arrogance: Union Minister Nitin Gadkari (DNA)

Thin Line Separates Confidence From Arrogance: Union Minister Nitin Gadkari (DNA)

Espousing his views on leadership, Union minister Nitin Gadkari, while speaking as the chief guest at Shiv Khera’s new book launch, said, “You can donate eyes, but you cannot donate vision, and that is why it is essential to develop good leadership.” Essel Group chairman and Rajya Sabha member Subhash Chandra, along with Union Minister for Science and Technology and Earth Sciences the Dr Harsh Vardhan were the guest of honour at the event.

Khera, the author best known for his book, ‘You Can Win’ is also a motivational speaker and runs educational training programmes.

Gadkari went on to say that Khera’s reflections and thoughts on life are not just limited to his books, but that he also takes it to the people through his speeches. He added that Khera’s book talks about the value of personality development and managerial skills, which are an imperative in today’s life. “This book is not a form of entertainment, but something that can be used to achieve goals”, Gadkari said. He added that it is “good to be confident in life, but also important to distinguish between confidence and arrogance as only a thin line separates the two”.

Reflecting on his own journey while speaking at the event, Chandra spoke of a conversation with his father. “Around three years ago, my father said that you have earned fame and wealth, but you must also share your wisdom and experience. That is when I thought of doing the Subhash Chandra show”, Chandra said.

He added, “Swami Vivekanandji said that human beings have no boundaries, we build our own boundaries. That is what this book, too, tries to explain in its own way and language.”

Later, Vardhan congratulated Khera for inspiring millions with his books and speeches and said that the new book is a great story. Taking on the book’s tagline — Live by Design, not by default — he said, “This country was running by default before 2014, but it is running by design now. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a visionary leader who is also implementing his vision.”

In his address to the audience, Khera said that people skills, persuasion skills and skills to prioritise are essential. He then commended Gadkari for being one of the “most efficient and performing minister” and congratulated Chandra on his talk show for youth.


Taking on the book’s tagline, Live by design, not by default, Vardhan said, “This country was running by default before 2014, but it is running by design now. PM Modi is a visionary leader.”

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